Womens human hair wigs

A wig made of human hair is the queen of wig

Wigs made of quality, branded human hair are professionally made down to the smallest detail.

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A wig made of human hair is the queen of wigs

The use of a wig made of human hair can be used for health, temporarily, but primarily for long-term wear is the most appropriate choice. Our color offer is almost endless... natural, dyed ombre, highlighted, generating rooted out colors ... The wig should be worn as a cap, covering the entire head, with no fastening buckles. A not externally visible adhesive or stitching. Worth the investment made of human hair wig, if long-term use is needed!

The 100% human hair wig, in addition to being available at the highest price, in addition to proper care of the wig lifetime 1-3 years. A wig made of human hair is the most durable type of wig in addition to providing the most natural look. The prices are based on the technique of making the wigs, the length and quantity of hair. Because human hair is the most expensive raw material in the hair industry, these are the best quality and most expensive wigs.

What does the term Remy human hair mean?

The term Remy human hair is used only for human hair. There is no term Remy for synthetic hair. Unprocessed, chemically untreated, undamaged, healthy, very smooth hair. Also called virgin hair, luxury quality. The hair fibers are arranged in one direction, the direction is carefully selected.

In practice, Remy hair is the best quality hair. This quality can be further enhanced by the origin and nationality of the hair. The only thing about this is that hair of all nationalities has its advantages and disadvantages, but this is not as important in wigs as in hair extensions, where hair replacement is mixed between your hair.

How to care for a human hair wig?

Can only be cleaned with human hair care products. Care products for synthetic hair wigs are not suitable for human hair wigs, they can damage the hairs. A wig or hair replacement made of human hair requires more attention and care than our living hair!

Special care products for wigs made specifically for human hair can be found on our page among wig care products. These products are silicone, toxin, and paraben-free, making a human hair wig soft and silky for longer. In connection with wig cleaning, we enclose instructions for use for each product purchased.

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?

Opinions are divided about a wig made of human hair, some prefer it, some don’t. In the case of wigs made of human hair, the adjustment of the hairstyles shown in the product photos can be ignored, as human hair can be shaped, curled, ironed like its own hair.

A wig made of human hair can be darkened with 1-2 shades, it is not recommended to lighten.

After washing, you can expect it to look like your own hair after washing, so you need to style your hair again.

The wig made of synthetic (plastic) hair retains its shape better after washing, it cannot be dyed or shaped freely

To clean a human hair wig, you can choose from shampoo, conditioner, styling, and other care products, which can be found in the CARE PRODUCTS, SUPPLEMENTS category.


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