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If your head size is not average: use the product filter! Use the wig filter to find wigs for small (48 - 56 cm) and large (57-59 cm) head sizes.

There are many different face shapes, so the head circumference can vary. Someone with a narrow, oval, elongated, diamond-shaped face is likely to have a smaller-than-average head circumference of 2 to 4 centimeters. And those with a heart-shaped, angular, round face may have a head circumference a few centimeters larger. We have categorized fashion wigs for smaller - even child size - and larger head sizes, monofilament wigs. Generally, all wigs have an elastic band at the back to adjust the size by 1-2 cm. If the wig is too small, it will slide up and bounce off the head. If the wig is too big, it will become baggy at the back of the head and may even blow away in the wind.

We recommend our German quality monofilament wigs under the Gisela Mayer brand. The monofilament wig is easy to put on, has no clips and covers the whole head. The average head circumference of our monofilament wigs is 56-58 cm, but we also offer smaller and larger wig sizes, you can find them in the product filter.

When chemotherapy is started, hair growth may stop immediately (your doctor will tell you), so you may experience sudden hair loss or partial baldness. Hair loss is fairly rapid, and it usually takes 2 weeks to get a wig. Temporary hair loss caused by chemotherapy will recover after 6 months. Little consolation, but Gisela Mayer monofilament wigs are reliable, lifelike and can be worn discreetly, but should not be confused with prescription wigs.

Gisela Mayer monofilament wigs are made from synthetic hair and are therefore dimensionally stable but cannot be coloured. They come in an amazing range of colours that are in line with today's fashion. The inner design of monofilament wigs is very important, as (like all wigs) the inside comes into contact with the scalp. Our monofilament wigs have a breathable, skin-friendly material inside the headband, which provides good ventilation and a comfortable feeling when worn every day. Choosing a monofilament wig is not mandatory during chemotherapy, but it is much more comfortable to wear than a regular fashion wig. To clean a monofilament wig, you can choose from shampoo, conditioner, styling, and other care products found in the CARE PRODUCTS, SUPPLEMENTS category.


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